Soft plastic project

Here at Tekkers Eyewear we try to minimise the amount of plastics we use. Within reason we ask our supplier to use as little as possible packaging just enough to keep 'our sunnies' safe from mishaps. Then on our end we will send you the sunnies with the microfibre cloth helping to cover the lens of the sunnies as well as your case so they arrive in perfect condition therefore us having to use less plastics.  On our end, before delivery we will take off any packaging we don't think is needed and we will place all that into a big container which will be destined for the soft plastics recycling scheme. These plastics can't be put in your general recycling and contaminate that process. When you receive your sunnies we would love for you to be able to place the 1 item of plastic packaging into a recycling scheme bin. You can find these at a lot of Countdowns and New Worlds and have store locators and info on the site


Lets all aim to keep NZ as plastic free as possible