About us

Tekkers : It's more than just a brand......it's a lifestyle
We're born for adventure, and its as simple as that. 
We're based in Christchurch which is in the south island of New Zealand.
Life is 1 big adventure so wether you're going for a walk to the beach, a bike ride or climbing a mountain we want you to do it in style and comfort. And like we say, it's a lifestlye!
For us, there is no better feeling than being outside doing something you love. We want to inspire people to get out there and live life to the full!!!!
I have been lucky enough to travel and explore the world and unlucky enough to have been through a lot of sunnies, so with that in mind we've made sure that our products are affordable for everyone. But without losing the quality.
Enjoy our site, enjoy your adventures and feel free to join in with our's on instagram.